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  • Digital marketing campaigns and consulting,

  • Social media management

  •  Content creation/Image & Photo Editing

  • Short video creation

  • Wix website design






Apple Star marketing is a creative and marketing freelance business. A boutique marketing company offering a bespoke marketing service to meet your business needs. This includes consultation, marketing communication campaign strategies, content creation, i.e., short videos, music videos, photo and video editing, cover images for e-books, posters, album covers etc…  Along with social media management, and I am a Wix website design partner. 

Providing freelance, long term and short term contracts. Clients include SMEs, freelance and creative professionals. 

Marketing services and fees are inclusive of understanding you and your business project which ensures I deliver to your project a clear brand message that resonates with your clients/customers and will add to and develop your marketing presence. This approach is applied to all Apple Star Marketing services from campaigns and social media engagement strategies to website design, and from short video production to photo editing and cover designs. 

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Based in London services are also available as a Senior Marketer on a contract basis for larger companies requiring extra marketing support in roles such as Content and Production Management, Digital Marketing, Engagement Strategy, and Marketing Communications…



As a Creative Marketer, my clients benefit from my content creation skills in photography, graphics, short video production, and website design. This is combined with my marketing consulting, and campaigns to ensure that your website and content is utilised to convey your brand message, product and/or service to reach the right audience through social media, search engine results, press release/blogs, and offline promotion/advertising. 

Whether you are, for example, owner of a Café or Restaurant, a professional offering services such as Nutritionist, Fitness Instructor, Counsellor, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Stylist, Florist! Perhaps a creative, such as a Writer, Fashion Designer, Sculptor, Multitalented Artist…the list goes on.


Utilising years of digital marketing communications experience within marketing agencies, not for profit organisations, events, music, hospitality, and publishing. Combined with my professional digital marketing qualification from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), BA (Hons) Degree, and certificates in Google Online Proficiency, Adobe Graphic Design, and Business Enterprise. I am experienced in delivering visual and written content, with marketing communications strategies and traditional/digital marketing tools.


Creating your Digital Content /Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy, we begin with a consultation/assessment of your digital content, marketing needs.

From the consultation(s) a content campaign and strategy can be developed. This can involve your Wix website design and image(s).

Together with visuals and written content for Wix and other social media strategies, ensuring continuity and control over your digital presence and image throughout the internet!  


Advising you on the type of Wix package, website design, site apps, and Wix web services that can be used to market your website,

When it comes to using Wix content management system to create websites for clients I integrate my digital marketing communications experience, with my creative content skills and knowledge of website design, 
social,  and business.  Having used Wix since 2014, I constantly keep up to date with this powerful and optimise your website, business/project. Resulting in a beautiful professional website that is fully functional to your needs and visually represents your unique brand message to your customers. 

As a creative person my creative marketing work enhances my passion for life – along with photography, short video creation, writing and graphics. I meditate to re-organise my busy creative mind. I like to sit in cafes at a window sipping on tea or coffee and watching the people go by. My favourite summer past time is picnicking and long country strolls. I am also a foodie, I like to travel, love music and love to dance at most given opportunities.  

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